Gift or Masterpiece? Bali Artisan or Artist? Look behind the scene.

Craft Gifts from Bali are famous for quality, freshness and originality. Millions of people all over the world treasure intriguing handmade gifts from Bali.

Who makes this wonderful painting, silver jewelry, wood carving, photo album, handmade cloth or virgin coconut oil? Many visitors to Bali want to know the answer to that question. I always wondered about it too.

I first came to Bali by accident!

But I stayed by design, out of love and curiousity. Over the many years the one fascination that stayed with me was that for the skills and the products of the artists and artisans hidden behind the village walls.

I got to know the temples, the priests, the palaces and the princes, the hotels and the beaches but the artists and artisans, the simple life and timeless wisdom of the villages were what really captivated me.

Behind the arched gateways of the village houses, far away from the gorgeous hotels and the swimming pools and spas are some fascinating people with very special skills.

Learn the secrets of the crafts we love to buy, the ways of the traditional village people and the inspiration of the artist and the art.

Keep up with the latest information about wonderful places to stay and things to do! The best beaches and the best treks, the greatest shopping and for business visitors gift, fashion and craft sourcing.

How I came to build this website and got the assistance I needed to make it work is part of the story. This web gallery is an ongoing effort and will evolve and include the latest news and the best of Bali.

Keep up to date with the latest and best of Bali! Most importantly, ENJOY!!

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Balinese Silver Jewelry
Balinese Silver Jewelry is available in many styles using semi-precious stones, shells, carved bone and others. Order your own wholesale silver jewelry and shell jewelry..
Source Wholesale Silver Carved Bone Jewelry
Wholesale purchasers can order Bali wholesale silver and carved bone jewelry and craft direct from our shop.
Source Natural,
Source natural products like natural albums and frames, greeting cards and a range of in-demand wholesale gifts made from natural materials and handmade papers from the best Bali handicraft producers
Bali Spa and Virgin Coconut Oil Products
Discover Bali Spa and Virgin Coconut Oil, Handmade Soap, Massage Oils Products
Herbal Medicine and Traditional Healers
Balinese Herbal medicine and Traditional Healing
Are the Bali Wood Carvers a Dying Breed?
Bali wood carvers still make the carvings you love, wholesale wood carvings, carvers to look for
Traditional Paintings
Balinese Traditional Paintings and the Masters
Batik Through the Mirror!
Batik is worn, is hung, is sat on. Lots of information on where to find batik, where it is and who makes it.
All the Best Baskets!
Baskets are made of many diffeent fibres and shapes and sizes. Find the best ones here and their makers.
Handwoven Cloth? Yes, Tenun!
Handwoven cloth comes in many forms in Bali. Find out how they are made and what from and meet some of the weavers here.
Is Gamelan your cup of tea? Do you like Exotic Music?
Gamelan is the traditional music in Bali but first we look at the making of the traditional instruments.
Modern Painting
Modern painting is doing well in Bali. Just take a look at your average roadside stall or better still at our webpage!
Temples by the thousands everywhere you look!
Temples, where they are, what they mean, and how to visit them.
Springs? Nature's Spas
Springs are found all over Bali and are nurtured for the joy and calm serenity they bring. Find them here.
Bali's Best Beaches
Bali's Best Beaches, all the information you need.
Shopping for Shopoholics and the Rest of Us too!
The secrets of Shopping in Bali and how to find the very best shops!
Balinese Cooking and Cooks!
Balinese Cooking: How to cook like a Balinese Cook is not so easy to explain but here is enough to get you going.
Eating like a Raja in Bali for a few cents!
Eating like a Raja for a few cents means knowing where to eat and what to order. It is all here for you!
Hotels and Homestays are for Sleeping!
Sleeping? Yes, Hotels and Homestays: information for when you just gotta sleep!
Bali Travel? Transport??? Getting Around.
Bali Travel information about ways to get around the island and still enjoy yourself!
Make a Living on the Net
Make a Living on the internet with FREE help.
Our auctions currently running on Ebay
Healing the Spirit
Healing the Spirit: Traditional Balinese Healing and Healing Courses available in Bali and information about Balinese Offerings.
Wholesale Bali Silver Jewelry Store
Balinese Silver Carved Bone Goddess and Spirit Jewelry Wholesale