Natural Albums are a favourite Bali Import in many countries.

Natural albums produced by a skilful craftsperson have a charm all of their own. Don't think of those plastic covered monstrosities from the plastic factory!

The handmade ones are made from exquisite papers and other natural materials.

Add a modicum of artistic talent and the product zings!

Range of Pineapple Paper Products from Kertas Gingsir

Beads and Hand Painted Designs are another option for covers, and combinations that match handmade paper with handwoven fabrics such as the fragrant vetiver root ones.

If you are a scrapbooking enthusiast there will be lots to grab your attention here and possible personal embellishment ideas to flood in.

Some pages include palm leaf corners to hold the photos (either one, two or four per page) and many of them use natural bamboo paper for the pages and the best with handmade tissue photo protectors.

Many of the products are made in little workshops or in the village houses. The work has to be fitted in around village activities and temple ceremonies.

Craftspeople Hard at Work!

Although each piece is produced by hand from the pages to the cover Balinese craftspeople have a tradition of working together to accomplish mountains of work!

A whole container would take about 12 weeks to produce with a lot of people involved in the work, each with their separate task and skill.

And of course there are a vast range of products that are produced in this way. There are lots of other Bali Imports available to suit every taste.

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