From Jero Gingsir at the Bali Help Desk: Healing the Spirit in Bali

Healing the Spirit in Bali and Beyond

Join the Light Language Classes in Bali Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced 2008

To Esperanza and the Masters of Mexico for their willingness to share their secrets, time and energy.

Do you know that you can reshape your aura and attract what you desire, encoding energy through colour and sacred geometry?

Light Language is a sacred teaching based on the light-speed healing techniques of the Master Curanderos of Mexico.

Learn to consciously read and write light using color and sacred geometries. At the Basic level, work with 7-shaped sequences grids for re-shaping the aura and co-creating the energies in our lives.

Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment. Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Manual included.

Next Beginner Class: 1pm –4 pm on Sunday, 20th April, 2008

Price $83 Bookings/Info Tel: 08123813680 or email us for more information

Healing the Spirit.

We are currently taking enrolments for the Intermediate course to be held over two days in late April. In this class you will learn to write grids for specific purposes for others, as well as yourself.

You will also learn to write Community grids in reprocity for the specific purpose individual grids - The Giving Back Grids.

In order to do this class you must have already completed the Beginner level class.

This is an example of an Intermediate 49 shape grid, the type you will learn to write in the Intermediate Light Language class.

We also offer Advanced Light Language and will be scheduling a class later this year.

Please register with us for information on dates and place as soon as this becomes available.

In order to do the Advanced Class, you will need to have completed the Beginner and Intermediate Light Language Classes.

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This is an example of the very powerful Advanced Level 144 shaped grid which you will learn to write in the Advanced Light Language Course.

About Jero Gingsir:

She studied Balinese Healing both with her adoptive father, a priest of Besakih temple, and at the Hindu University in Denpasar. She is a trained counsellor and has studied the healing traditions of the Mexican Curanderos becoming a teacher of Light Language in 2004.

She was born in Australia and has lived in Bali on and off for nearly 30 years. She was formerly married to a Balinese, has owned a handmade paper business in Ubud since 1992 and now divides her time between Australia and Bali. She became Bali Hindu many years ago and received her Balinese name at that time.

She offers you whatever help you may need according to Spirit.

Matrix Healing

Integrating Active Matrices: Soul, Destiny, Karma, Experience and Energy.

Each Matrix is the original picture of the contracts you intend to do in this lifetime. Because of stress and not following your path, the matrices get out of alignment.

Re-alignment and re-integration of the matrices helps you move forward with your life: calmer, with more energy and clarity.

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Healing the Spirit