From Jero Gingsir at the Bali Help Desk

10th April, 2008

Where you are it might be Spring (or even Autumn in the Southern hemisphere) but here in Bali it is still the wet season: steamy, mouldy and gloriously green.

But to tell you the truth it has been an extra long wet season this year and we are hoping for it to end soon.

Another side of life here is the spiritual one.

I wanted to tell you about some special courses that are available here later this month and we'll be running them again probably in September, just before the Advanced class.

If you want to know more about Light Language (or anything else), don't hesitate to email me and ask what ever you want to know.

To contact me directly, click here.

First, a dedication of thanks.

To Esperanza and the Masters of Mexico for their willingness to share their secrets, time and energy.

Do you know that you can reshape your aura and attract what you desire, encoding energy through colour and sacred geometry?

Light Language is a sacred teaching based on the light-speed healing techniques of the Master Curanderos of Mexico.

Learn to consciously read and write light using color and sacred geometries.

At the Basic level, work with 7-shaped sequences grids for re-shaping the aura and co-creating the energies in our lives. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment.

Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Manual included.

Next Beginner Class: 1pm –4 pm on Sunday, 20th April, 2008 Bookings/Info Tel: 62 (0)8123813680 or Email:

About Me:

I studied Balinese Healing both with my adoptive father, a priest of Besakih temple, and at the Hindu University in Denpasar. I am a trained counsellor and have studied the healing traditions of the Mexican Curanderos becoming a teacher of Light Language in 2004.

I was born in Australia and have lived in Bali on and off for nearly 30 years. I was formerly married to a Balinese, have owned a handmade paper business in Ubud since 1992 and now divide my time between Australia and Bali. I became Bali Hindu many years ago and received my Balinese name at that time.

Take a look at the different types of grids here - Beginner, Internediate and Advanced

Light Language Grids