Enjoy a Bali Spa and the Best Virgin Coconut Oil Products

The famous bali spa, like the virgin coconut oil products, are both modern translations of old, old Balinese practices.

Spiritual practices in Bali are closely entwined with 'holy water' in all its myriad forms within their religious beliefs. Holy water can be consecrated by a priest or it can be from a holy spring or holy river.

The Balinese have a habit of wherever possible bathing in the rivers and springs or even in the roadside streams if there is nothing else available.

From babies to grandparents, massage is used for relaxation and for healing.

Modern spas offer treatments in dream surroundings, open bales, running water and pools, lotus flowers and essential oils.

The spa products and the healing properties of essential oils, bath and massage products translate perfectly into city life. The stresses of modern pressures are replaced by a feeling of total well being.

Try the best products that use the old time goodness of virgin coconut oil . Stay away from the cheap chemically enhanced, garish colours of the imitations. You know who you are!

Virgin coconut products like handmade coconut soap, coconut massage oil and bath oil are the best!

Try them at the shops in Ubud and for wholesale supplies develop your own line with your own signature packaging.

These cost pennies but your customers will love them!

A personalised line up can be ordered for a special occasion, a wedding or another celebration.

Find the secrets of the best Bali Spas!

Balinese virgin coconut oil is extracted from the organically grown coconut palms of the islands plantations.

The oil is simply extracted without chemical use, simply by allowing the shredded freshly picked to stand overnight and then removing the oil after it rises to the top of the container.

Although it is made so simply it is so special that it keeps its natural fragrance and goodness for periods of over one year.

It is used to make handmade soaps and massage oils based on traditional recipes and also naturally sold as a nutritional supplement .

Bali spas have inspired a whole range of pampering products including fragrant bath salts, bath oils, exfoliaters, candles and incense.

Look out for the wonderful gift packaging available and the boxed products, just the thing for a special present. There are some intriguing materials used, such as coconut shells, sandstone, artist papers and handwoven cloth.