Eating Bali Style is the Key to Knowing the Lifestyle! And it is delicious too!

Try going to the warung if you really want to know what delicious Balinese food is really like.

These are some personal eating recommendations of mine.

In Ubud try under the banyan tree just near the crossroads for Gung Biang's famous Babi Guling. Roast suckling pig Balinese style with the complex Balinese spice mixture and crackling. It will be carefully dished out with its accompaniments of a sauce, spicy vegetables, traditional black pudding sausage and a sambal if you like it. Be ready to line up as this is a hugely popular warung for locals as well.

The photo above shows a plate of Babi Guling with the works! that you might get at this warung in Ubud.

Another warung that I would recommend is the Warung Teges, just about two kilometers down the road towards Mas. From Ubud you will find it on the right hand side. There you will find the delicately flavoured and spiced chicken, crispy fried pork, the traditional Balinese festive lawah dish, stir fried bean sprouts and greens and others as well.

This shows what the assembled plate of nasi campur (mixed rice) which includes a selection of the typical different food elements might look like.

Try the delicious crispy crackers on the tables while you wait for a minute or two for your plate to arrive. Letting the owner chose the food for you can be a good idea. She has lots of experience at pleasing western tastes as well as Balinese.

Look out for the owners of top Ubud restaurants having lunch here!

Speaking of top Ubud restaurants, this photo shows one of my favourites for eating and relaxing. It has fabulous Balinese and Western food and has a great ambience too.

It's the Dirty Duck Diner and don't forget to read the explanation of the name! It consists of a number of Balinese pavilions that face directly onto rice fields so you get a cool breeze.

A great place for conduction serious business deals too, or meeting a lover as there is lots of space and quite a few private areas.

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For a great overview of the warung and restaurant scene all over the island take a look at this article "No More Suckling Pigs, Please"

A Quick Overview of some other Authentic Balinese Warungs.

The more authentic taste ~ more spices and herbs, to be precise can be sampled in several wellknown warung (foodstall), such as Warung Wardhani and Warung Satria in downtown Denpasar and Warung Kedewatan and Warung Teges in Ubud.

Warung Tresni in Renon serves a refreshing Balinese chicken porridge while Warung Mak Beng in Sanur serve a simple, yet fabulous, menu of fried fish with a chili sauce strong enough to render a weak person unconscious.

Yet, to be able to comprehend the diversity and uniqueness of the Balinese gastronomic tradition, the visitor must visit the local Pasar Senggol food bazaar.

The best Pasar Senggol to date is the one that opens nightly at downtown Gianyar city, some 30km east of the island’s capital of Denpasar.

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