Wholesale Silver Jewelry Sourcing? Or looking for a Shell Bracelet?

Wholesale silver jewelry of myriad kinds, carved bone and carved horn appeal to different clientele. Buyers can order or purchase from ready stock and with confidence regarding quality and workmanship.

For more exclusive tastes and budgets, there is wonderful gold work available too.

Semi precious gemstones set, unique items of jewelry are available from hundreds of different suppliers who each have hundreds of artisans and craftspeople working for them. Whole villages are devoted to the production of handcrafted jewelry and support the financial welfare of the village dwellers.

Just look at featuring carved bone and sterling silver with Abalone, Coral, Pearls and other gemstones!

Carved Bone Jewelry

Wholesale Balinese Silver Jewelry

What we know of traditional adornment is that it was usually made of gold and therefore was a lot rarer than it is now when a variety of materials are used.

Generally it was worn by the rich, read aristocracy and consisted of arm and leg bracelets, earrings usually in the shape of interconnecting cones, necklaces and breast plates.

The skills of working with metals and the techniques of beading, scrolling and casting were the basis of modern techniques of Balinese Silver Jewelry.

Working with a large variety of materials but using these techniques has resulted in the creation of a wide variety of sterling and shell products today.

Bulk purchasers or impulse buyers of the odd bracelet can find hundreds of suppliers who each work with hundreds of artisans often working in their own homes.

Beautiful jewelry with soul, produced on this spiritually powerful island is displayed in stores all over the world.

Buy yourself or a loved one a very special gift of

A Jewelry Makers Blog Entry:

Shell Supplier: The Search for Peace

We were given the name and mobile number of the shell supplier and set off heading to the Jimbaran traditional marketplace of the rank salted fish "fragrance".

Well, times change. Now we passed roadside signboards advertising the latest in bungalow sites, luxury villas and spas, the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton.

Real people lived here too. Their motorbikes dashed along the roads, the Muslim veils flapping around the women, the small girls wearing them too.

We rang again and the supplier came out to guide us to his home. (Read the whole story)