Source Natural Products Made From Handmade Paper, Natural Bark, Cinnamon, Leaves....

To source natural products in Bali is easy. They are to be found in an amazing variety of shapes and designs.

People in Bali don't feel much need to source artificial materials when they can do so much with natural ones that they can just pick from a tree.

Many of the most popular gift products use natural handmade paper.

The making of handmade paper in modern times started about 1992 but that was not the first time that paper was handmade here.

In fact an old version of rice straw paper is still made. It provides an interesting counterpoint to some of the more modern and sturdy papers that are now made from pineapple leaf, banana leaves, coconut and bamboo fibres and other more unusual materials such as elephant dung.

The papers are made up into many varied and interesting designs.

Source natural photo albums, frames, journals, greeting cards and stationery.

The handmade papers are made by cutting and soaking the fibres and then cooking them until the fibre starts to loosen falls enough to be put into a hollander machine.

The hollander mashes the material and it then goes into a tub.

The paper maker uses a frame with a screen on the top to pull out a wet sheet of fibre which is transferred to a cloth base and then pressed.

Lifting a Wet Sheet of Paper

The pressed sheets still in their cloth cover are put out in the sun to dry or in the wet season, hung on ropes in the paper shed to dry.

After they are dry they are removed from the cloth and then pressed again.

Dried and Pressed Sheets of Pineapple Leaf Paper

No two sheets of paper are ever exactly the same, in the way the fibres fall and in the nuances of colour. Sometimes flower petals or spices like tumeric are added instead of purchased colours.

The papers from Bali and the products made from them are exported all over the world.

In the factory run by Kertas Gingsir of Ubud, each year they produce several hundred thousand sheets of paper. Paper making and the associated crafts provide year round employment for large numbers of village people.

Inside the Paper Shop

The main material used is pineapple leaf which is a waste product of pineapple growing so provides another source of income for pineapple growers.

To source natural materials such as bamboo or banana is also very easy in Bali where such plants grow wild and weekly by the metre in the wet season in the hills.

Cutting Up Pineapple Leaf

A simple production like this is a world away from a western type of paper factory with its chemically toxic output. It is close to the homes of the village workers and surrounded by green rice fields.

This sort of industry is worth supporting for the example it sets of using waste products to produce paper without cuttng down a single tree.

The paper is high quality and some papers are inkjet printable.

In an age where we send so many emails every day, it is worth making sure that our 'snail mail' which is usually only for special occasions is written on quality paper

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